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How to be a real gentlewoman

Women always complain about the lack of gentlemen, about the difficulty of finding a man that respects and takes care of them. That's maybe true. But is it actually just because of men? Everybody is aware that women are marvelous, but they still have some responsibility about it. To win a gentleman's heart a woman should be able to show herself as a gentlewoman, and in order to do that, she needs to know what does this type of men want.

Even if this advices should help women to behave correctly to gain the man of their dreams, they could be of interest also for a man that is looking for a gentlewoman as a life partner.

A real gentlewoman...

...is graceful. She is always polite and she knows good manners. It doesn't matter if she is eating in a luxury restaurant, walking on the street or shopping with friends. A gentlewoman is sweet and pleasant in any situation, and she doesn't let her behave being influenced by her mood. She is moderate and never loses control, especially when she is in a public place or in the middle of a social event.

...is elegant. Being elegant doesn't mean that she has to own tons of expensive clothes. Being elegant means having a good taste and knowing what to wear in every circumstance. A real gentlewoman will always dress suitable for her daily appointments and for her romantic dates, without renouncing her sophistication and her beauty.

...is respectful. In order to be respected you have to respect other people. A real gentlewoman knows that. And she also knows that if every person deserve her kindness, no one does it as much as her man. She is attentive to him and she never invades his privacy. She is patience and understanding and she is ready to help him whenever he needs.

...is strong. Many women thing that men like dolls, and they are probably right. But that's not the case of gentlemen. If you spend your time complaining and worrying about your life and at the same time you don't commit yourself to make things better, you will never attract the attention of a gentleman. Show him that you are strong, that you know what you want and that you're ready to fight for it, and he will esteem and encourage you.

…is intelligent. Gentlemen like to spend time with their partner and in a long relationship having good conversations turns out to be really important. After a while speaking about your new beautiful bag or your favorite lipstick color won't be enough to capture his attention. And it will be also bad for him if he has to take care of you like a child. To be a gentlewoman you need first to be a grown-up woman.

These are the basilar rules that will guide you to act in the proper manner in order to get the gentleman of your dreams. Now you just need to remember one small extra rule. If the man you desire is a real gentleman, you absolutely need to let him make the first move, and after that to accept his courtship. That's the first step to show him you are a real gentlewoman.

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