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All for Gentlemen - How to recognize a real gentleman

When we think about gentlemen, black and white frames of old movies come to our mind. It seems like this kind of men doesn't exist anymore. But is it really true? Is it possible for a woman to find a good man, that takes care of her and makes her feeling important?
If you are looking for a real gentleman, you will be happy to know that this type of behavior is surprisingly growing in the last years.
The following tips will help you understand if the man you're looking at is the right partner for you.

A real gentleman...

...is, first of all, gentle. He is polite and respectful, to you and to any other person. He is always punctual and calm. Being arrogant or aggressive is not a part of his personality.

...is always there for you. Your happiness is one of his biggest aims and he does everything he can to make it happen. Even more important is that, after he has helped you, he doesn't complain and he doesn't claim something back from you.

...listens to you. He doesn't just pretend to hear you, he really pays attention to your words and he remember what you've told him. He listens to you even if you're not speaking: when you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, he notices it and he tries to make you feel better.

...cares about the things there are important to you. Even if to other people your problems seem insignificant, they matter to him. Since he has a high esteem of you, he respect your judgment and your opinion. Furthermore your family and your friends are of interest to him and he spends time with pleasure with them.

...is sweet and affectionate with you. He speaks lovely to you and he doesn't interrupt your sentences. But he is also tender in his gestures: he doesn't miss an opportunity to hug you or to caress your hairs and, of course, he helps you wearing your coat.

...dresses always appropriate. Apart from some extreme style mistakes, there are no absolute wrong clothes. A real gentleman can always choose the right look for every situation. He doesn't need to show the label or the price of his suits, but he has a good taste and he is always elegant.

...has a fine sense of humor. Contrary to rude guys, he avoids offensive jokes and he has a pleasant irony. He makes you laugh and he livens up the evenings with friends, but he never exaggerates and he never makes fun of you with evil intent.

...never brags about being a gentleman. People that constantly remember you how good they are, are probably just pretending to be that good. A real gentleman is sure about his behavior and he also knows that you are aware about it.

You can believe it or not, but somewhere out there, there is certainly a gentleman that is just waiting to find the right woman to love. Now you've the tools to recognize him. And after you've done that, don't let him go away.

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