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Sex with Older Men

Sex is one of those things with an older man that many young women just don’t want to talk about particularly when it isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Let’s face it, not every older man is a great lover and not every young woman is worth spending thousands of dollars.

Mature, sexually experienced men who have had many lovers over their lifetimes, do burn out. Some may have never been great lovers and use very attractive clothing, speech and gifts to hide their very private flaws at least for a time. Some men have had so many sexual partners, because they can’t satisfy them for any extended length of time. Sooner or later their young lovers find out that they have problems that even Viagra can’t fix. Mind is indeed over matter and a man who has a lot on his mind, may get the job done, but it doesn’t mean that his mind is on the job.

Young women desire affection, attention, and good sex from older men and in time, they will not continue to be understanding when sexual needs are not met. They may continue to accept gifts, travel, and converse with their older companions, but there “being nice” doesn’t mean that they plan on staying in a unsatisfying sexual relationships. No matter how many toys, finger or tongue tricks, sex can get old very fast when there is no spiritual connection, satisfying release, and mental stimulation with one’s partner.

Older men can be very charming, look good, and make young women’s toes curl in the bedroom. They can afford to make promises that some young men, who don’t have much money or time, can’t keep. They can also be the kind of men that are most sought after, because they know much about women and what they like and don’t like when it comes to relationships.

There are those mature gentlemen who can use sex to control partners. They may be willing to have sex for a time, just so long as partners comply with them both in and out of the bedroom, but then pull back from sexual encounters because they don’t like their partners for any number of reasons. Some older men are very petty in their ways, while others are understanding and cordial and will not use sex as a weapon.

Young women can be just as guilty when it comes to displaying such manipulative behavior. Some might not choose to have sex or stop having sex until their needs are met. Yet, there are those who simply refrain from having sex because they don’t like something about the older men that they date. A discerning man will try to find out what those dislikes are and try to accommodate his young date. But some things can’t be changed, such as the aging process. A young woman will either enjoy sex with a man, despite all of his visual flaws, or she won’t.

Some men choose not to get any treatment for their sexual dysfunctions and because of these issues, they are often irritable, can be very mean, and become distant. Many have had former wives and girlfriends who complained about their sexual issues and rather than take care of their challenges, they placed blame and sought replacements.

Most young women enjoy having sex, just so long as the relationship is emotionally healthy and the act of sex is enjoyable and not painful. However, when there are constant complaints and arguments that are related to sex, as well as other issues, intimacy will decline.

Couples will need to spend time discussing their sexual challenges with one another if they hope to have good sex in the future.

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