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Why older men prefer to date younger ladies

People get older and couples grow old together. That’s not for everyone. More than 50% of all men over the age of 40 prefer to date younger women. Today it became normal to see and know couples with an age gap of 15 years or more. The reasons why men are going out with younger women vary. Here is the Top 5.

A younger lady keeps me young
For middle-aged men, younger women are the connection between their generation and the younger ones. But not only that, they are also the connection to their own youth. With a younger woman by their side men experience more social life and meet different people than they do with a woman of their age or older. No wonder, the younger ladies have completely different lifestyles and different daily issues. Men who came out of a long running marriage often feel new born when dating younger women because they are not confronted with the problems and circumstances that a (failed) marriage brings along.

A younger lady boosts my image
A younger lady can be some kind of a status symbol for older men. Men with considerably younger women are generally well-respected and admired. Among friends and colleagues, they evoke admiration and envy for attracting younger dating partners.

A younger lady wants more sex
This is a rampant belief among older man. Younger women appear to be more into sex than older ones. Whereas this is a common belief that is not at all based on facts or evidence. The fact that men at a certain age are sexually more attracted to younger ladies gives them the impression that this is based on reciprocity. But actually, sex drive is nothing that depends on the age of a woman.

A younger lady is simply more attractive
Might sound hard, but for some men it’s a true fact: Younger women are simply more attractive than older ones. Of course, this statement lies in the eye of the beholder, but men with a strong preference for younger ladies share this meaning. If they had the choice, they would prefer a young woman with a beautiful body, tight curves, no wrinkles and firm boobs. Science has it, that these are the attributes men are attracted to. But before all feminists and older women go on the warpath, this does not imply all men on earth and we clearly have to distinguish between a physical desire and true love here. Once men are truly in love, they claim to love their partner no matter how her body develops over the years.

A younger lady is more fun
Many men think that a younger lady is generally more fun. And it is a fact that most men who start relationships or affaires with younger women, want to enjoy themselves and cherry-pick the best elements of that relationship. That includes looking good, having a great time, laughing a lot, going out for drinks and fine dining, travelling together and, last but not least, sharing a fantastic love life.

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