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What it takes to date older men with money

Many younger women between 18 and 30 aim to date older gentlemen with money to improve their lifestyle and to have a great time. Whether women admit it or not, they all prefer men with money because it makes them feel safe and protected. Plus, many younger women are not bothered to establish a great career, instead they want to live their life to the fullest and enjoy every day as much as possible. For that they need a partner with money who allows them to live the life they want to live with everything they desire – from shopping therapies to beauty treatments, from holidays to luxurious home décor and so on.

However, there is a huge gap between wanting and getting which is why young ladies have to fight hard to reach their desired target.

Without doubt, young women must look good, be slim, have style and self-confidence to hook up with older and rich guys. And that’s already where it gets complicated for some ladies. Style is a broad term and some ladies are unfortunately still convinced, that men are into the 1980s Playboy Bunny type of girl with fake blond hair, big eyes with long lashes, huge red lips and a massive, intrusively presented front. Well, that’s not the case. Men’s taste changed over the years and less is often more. Let’s bring it down to the rule: If you want to date rich men don’t look cheap.

But a decent style and witty charm are not yet enough to get and keep an older and successful man. Middle-aged politicians, academics, lawyers, managers, millionaires, and other important gentlemen prefer young ladies with excellent communication skills, good manners and most of all sense of humor. These are the soft skills needed to get the attention of an older wealthy man and to keep them interested.

But money is not everything and money can also be the cause of many problems in relationships, which is why a young woman should always make the effort, and bring up the patience to look for an older man she really gets along with. The best case scenario would be meeting someone to truly fall in love with. Dates and affaires without the perspective of falling in love have no potential to become a successful long term relationship.

In fact, money is the number one reason why mature wealthy men get divorced or break up with their younger girlfriends. At some point both partners notice, that money can’t buy love and that money alone is not what makes people happy in the long run.

One more thing young ladies should always be aware of when aiming at dating older and wealthy men is that the queue behind them is long. There’s always competition and they may be replaced easily and any time. So it is worth to wait for a man with money who at the same time might be a potential candidate to spend the rest of the life with.

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