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Tips for secret affairs with younger women

A secret affair with a younger woman is a thrilling and exciting matter but a highly dangerous thing. The risk of getting caught makes the whole affair even spicier but at the same time, cheaters should never underestimate the price they might pay for their little erotic adventure. However, all moral issues aside, we are all big and take responsibility for what we are doing, don’t we?

Here are some excellent tips for how to keep your hot affair with a sexy young lady a secret.

Meet her where nobody knows you or her. Chose neutral places for your dates with younger women such as remote hotels, her home (in case she’s a single). Do not get so overly boisterous to meet her at your place, your wife or girlfriend will find out, it is just a matter of time until you leave some evidence behind or until she gets home earlier. If you are keen on going out for drinks or dinner with her make sure you chose places where you are not risking to meet anyone you might know.

Pay cash and throw the receipts away. When on a date with a young hot woman don’t pay with your credit or debit card. It might happen, that your credit card bill will be sent home and opened by someone else than you. You want to avoid those tricky questions.

Make sure you get rid of any possible traces on and in your car. If your wife or girlfriend use the car too, check that the gas and kilometer display don’t exceed the usual and realistic level after you were our on your date. Don’t leave any traces of your date behind, including hair, smell and garbage.

Get a second cell phone! Communicating with your affair via your usual cell phone is not only imprudent, its stupid (excuse the strong language) unless you want to get caught. Women have a sixth sense when it comes to cheating husbands and boyfriends and once her antennas are extended, she might examine your in- and outbox. So be on the safe side and get a second one and guard it with an eagle eye.

Do not allow any connections between the world and life with your wife and the one with your affair. Don’t add your affair on Facebook or any other social network you share with friends, colleagues and other people you know. Don’t let your mistress come close to your house or call your landline. Don’t use the home computer to communicate with your younger woman. Keep her out of your usual life as good as possible, any connection could be a risk to make your affair come to light.

When you get home after cheating: Avoid suspicious smells of fresh showers or the other woman. The best thing is to not let your affair get in contact with your cloths. This might sound a bit odd, but women have an extremely sensitive sense of smell when it comes to spotting other women.

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