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10 Tips for dating wealthy men

If you are among the young ladies who know that there is more to life than shopping at H&M or in the usual supermarket round the corner, read the following 10 Tips of how to date wealthy men.

1. Make out some places, bars, clubs or resorts nearby your home where you know rich people meet and then decide to go there frequently with a good friend of yours.

2. Dress appropriately. It does not have to be Gucci, most of the low budget shops for women became seriously good in making affordable dresses look expensive. Take a friend of yours and look for some smart-casual outfits that make you look like you really care about your outer appearance. Use the internet or fashion magazines to get some ideas on how to style like a star without spending a fortune. Always make sure that you don’t show too much skin. Successful older gentlemen prefer class and style otherwise they might as well go and buy a night with a beautiful lady, if you know what we mean.

3. Make sure that your body language corresponds with your intentions. Look as self confident and determined as possible but don’t appear desperate. Be a proud and ambitious young lady that knows exactly what she wants and let the men come to you to conquer you.

4. Be and stay interesting. That involves not revealing too much about yourself in the beginning. Don’t talk about your financial situation and don’t let the man know that your intention is to get to know men with money. Use some tricks and rather pretend to have ended up here by chance. The more secretive you are the more are men attracted to you.

5. Get the conversation going. Men don’t expect that women approach them, so if you see an older man you like go and talk to him. Take the lead in the conversation because rich men are most likely good in doing business but not so good with small talk. So don’t take it the wrong way if he appears a bit stiff or incurious, he is probably very nervous and doesn’t know what to say. Take that load of his shoulders and lead him through the conversation by asking questions.

6. Do not give up. If your first move towards a rich man turns out to be a failure, don’t become disheartened. You don’t have to think there’s anything wrong with you. Always believe that the right man, who wants you and only you, is worth the wait.

7. Don’t be a bitch. A negative attitude, childish behavior, aggressiveness or uptightness is not well received among older rich men. Be young, positive, fun and easy going and you will receive the according echo.

8. Always be aware of the fact that rich men are looking for things and pleasures they cannot buy. Be as much YOU as you can be and make sure that the chemicals between you and your new rich date are good, and you will soon go out with a nice and generous man.

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