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Success strategies for dating younger women

Ever wondered how to succeed at dating younger ladies? Older men aged 40 to 65 revealed their strategies about how to get it on with younger women under 30.

First step: A well-groomed appearance. If you want to get it on with a hot young lady, you should look nice, neat, and tidy. Care about your body and your clothes, because they are what represents your personality and its the first two things a woman sees, when she looks at you. Any woman you date will have a close look at every detail of your appearance, be it your shoes, your fingernails, your beard, your teeth, your hair – you name it. Needless to say that your cloths should fit you well, be washed, and, if possible, ironed. Have a shower before you go out pulling girls and make sure your aftershave and perfume smell nice but not too dominant.

Second step: Body language. Be self-confident, know what you want and what your target is. No matter if you are as nervous as a little girl before her first day in school, don’t let anyone know! The more confident you appear, the sexier you are and the more attractive to younger women. Think about George Clooney, why do you think he is so successful with women of all ages? No one knows his feelings or thoughts but from the outside he looks strong, self-assured, and determined. Keep your back straight, lean your shoulders backwards rather than letting them hang to the front and keep your chin up. A confident body language works wonders.

Third step: Make eye contact. When you are out alone or with your friends and you see a young woman you really like, try to catch her eye. Don’t ever stare at her but look at her every now and then and make sure she saw you, too. Then play with her and talk to your friends or other people while giving her sexy looks with a confident smile, then concentrate back on the conversation you’re having. You will know if she is interested if she keeps looking at you. If she doesn’t show any sign of mutual interest, forget her and look for your next potential catch. If she does look back, however, try and look into her eyes for more than 7 seconds and see what happens.

Fourth step: Your initial move. Ok, let’s get serious here. At some point you will have to bite the bullet and go talk to her. What do you say? Well, the best pick-up lines are short and neutral. Start with a friendly “Hello” and wait what her answer is. Don’t show any uptightness or insecurity, if you do that, it might be over quicker than you can say “Crocodile”. Stay confident and say something that will make her laugh, if that worked shake hands firmly and introduce yourself.

Fifth step: Don’t lose her. You chatted for a while, you told her she looked beautiful (compliments are very important, women love them!) now what? If she doesn’t invite you to come with her, leave. Say you were sorry, but you had to go. Add: “But I don’t leave without your number because I want to see you again.”

Follow the five secret steps and every young woman will be at your feed.

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