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Money makes men attractive – Why wealthy men are more successful with women

A recent study by US-dating experts finally revealed the truth: Generous men with a big income are more attractive for women than average earners. No matter how independent and self-sufficient women nowadays claim to be, in the end they all like to have a boyfriend or husband who can assure them a financially and socially worry free life. Plus, pretty women just love to be indulged and pampered. This might not apply for every single woman on this planet but there is a core of truth to every cliché.

Regardless some recent claims about gifts for women being old fashioned and overhauled, the above mentioned study showed that presents are always a good way to win a woman’s heart. Of course, it should not get out of hand but women assess men not only based on their attractiveness but also on the amount of money they are willing to pay for her. Once a woman is conquered, the man should reduce the amount of gifts but he should never stop to surprise her with a little present every now and then. It is the regular gesture that keeps women happy, once a man stops buying things for his women she understands it as a lack of interest from his side, which will then lead to frustration.

Money is also an obvious proof of the man’s ability to care for his woman and for her children. That means being attracted to men with money has basically a pure genetical reason. Sure, women have been fighting against the traditional form of marriage where she has no job and he provides for his family, but as old fashioned as it might seem, as soon as it comes to planning a family, women have the inbuilt desire to stay with their babies while knowing that every financial aspect is taken care of. And that is the job of the man.

Women love generous man. However, as much as they love generosity as little do they like boasters who just pretend to have money while their lifestyle and job obviously unfold that he is not able to afford it.

That means, in order to be really attractive to women, men with money should know how to handle it. And that should be reasonable and responsible, only then they are sexy and rich in the eye of a woman.

Money means fun. Women love the idea of not having to think about money when they buy clothes, furniture or the next vacation. Not having to worry about money is a luxury and makes life so much easier. Automatically, men who are able to provide such a lifestyle for a woman are attractive and more interesting than men who cannot.

Men with money project more self-confidence than men with an average or low income. The smaller the role that money plays in a life of a man, the more relaxed he is in this context and this is an attitude, which makes him extremely desirable.

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