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A guide to meeting wealthy men – Dating rich men is a matter of determination

When it comes to flirting and dating, most women hold on to an old-fashioned role model. Go to a club or bar and you will witness, that most of the ladies sit around like they are waiting to be chatted up by the guys. This is not a conscious move but a behavior that has been in our genes since the beginning of mankind. Women sit and wait and look beautiful, men come mating and hunting for women. In this way, humans are not too different from animals. With one exception: We can choose to change it!

According to research, over 60% of all women between 18 and 40 would never dare to take the first step in approaching a wealthy man they are interested in. And 50% of all women think that they might appear desperate and lonely when they are the ones to talk to rich men first. Imagine that. That means that so many wealthy men have no clue that there is actually a woman out there falling for them. This is crazy and it has to stop. Life is too short to wait for the day where the beloved man might eventually come and dare the initial approach.

Instead of sticking to wrong beliefs or old assignment of roles, today’s women should be proactive and turn the whole thing upside down. Because it is worth to be brave and show initiative by approaching a wealthy man. Psychologists say that every man is positively surprised when women take the first step. This is because wealthy men are not used to it. This is why they will always react polite and happy, so there is no reason to be shy.

Rich men love it when they realize that they are attractive for young and beautiful women. Many of them lack in self-confidence and think that younger women are not interested in dating them anymore. At the same time, rich and mature gentlemen wish nothing more than talk to young pretty ladies and to maybe get into something more than just talk with them.

Young ladies should not hesitate and show a rich man they like offensively (but elegantly) that they are interested in him. Darting him glances and smiling at him will signify interest and grab his attention.

Wealthy men will welcome proactive young women but at the same time, the ladies should not overdo it by being too aggressive, clingy or pushy. It is important to stay classy and sophisticated instead of acting desperately.

All the single ladies who cannot bring up the courage to approach men in real life, can join dating websites on the internet that are specifically designed to match up older rich men with younger women. But no matter if online or offline, the same rules apply. Women should not just wait and check their post box everyday if the man of their dreams finally wrote. Write to a lot of rich men and the chances of meeting the right Mr. Rich will shoot up to the sky.

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