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Boost your chances of dating younger women

The older a man gets, the younger the women he longs to go out with. The age gap between older men and younger girlfriends gets bigger and bigger the older the man is. The attraction for relationships with a big age difference is based on evolution and biology. The younger lady wants a partner with a higher social status and greater abilities to guarantee her a financially and socially secured life, the older man wants a young beautiful woman with reproductive capacity.

The more successful and well off a man over 50, the higher his chances in dating younger women. Younger women are instinctively looking for men who provide the resources to care for her and a potential family. That means she would prefer a wealthy men of her age to an older man with no money.

This does not necessarily mean one has to be a millionaire to date younger ladies, but he should not be living at the subsistence level either.

Neither do you have to look like Brad Pitt to get in on with younger women, however, you should attach sufficient importance to your outer appearance, which includes everything from a well-groomed look, tidy, and clean clothes that fit you well to a fresh breath.

No offence, but have a closer look at the men you are spending most of your free time with. Are they successful with women? If they are not, you should find some new company and meet more men of your age who are successful flirters and daters. The more time you spend with successful womanizers, the more you learn about their methods and habits, because that it what attracts younger women. If your best friends meet up for a round of poker every Friday that’s certainly fun but you probably won’t meet any hot women there. Think about it and look for some male friends who are more socialized and in the scene.

Get out of your comfort zone. If you get the chance, flirt with and talk to many women, not only one sexy lady per month or year. Boost your chances by talking to many different women. That way you can practice your flirting skills and develop more confidence. Read some flirting and dating tips on websites, blogs, in magazines and turn it into some kind of a game to talk to women everywhere you are, in the supermarket, at work, on the bus, and so on. By practicing how to approach beautiful young women, you will be ready and confident by the time the right one stands in front of you.

Start a personal dating journal and keep track of the women you approach, how you approached them and find out your individual strategies to meet young women and to be successful with it. Note down new ideas, experiences and targets. A journal is a great way of motivating yourself to keep it up.

Oh, and don’t lose faith and hope if you are being rejected. Every failure is a step in the learning process on the way to meeting your perfect younger woman.

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