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A guide to meeting younger women online

Online dating seems like such an easy way to meet younger ladies. But all is easier said than done. You probably already experienced some disappointments when trying to contact younger women online. Rest assured that you are not alone. In fact, most middle-aged men consider online flirts with younger women disappointing, frustrating and confusing.

And it seems indeed like a big slap in the face when you try to talk to some sexy single ladies and all you get is a rejection or the notification that your message has been deleted by the female recipient. That’s not an easy bite to swallow, that’s for sure. No wonder that so many men give up online dating after a certain while.

The good news is, it is not you that is being rejected by those beautiful young women, its the words you choose and the way you choose to present yourself online.

Here’s what you can do to boost your success in online dating and in finally dating younger ladies.

First things first: Have a closer look at your personal online account and let it represent you and your motivation behind joining that particular online dating site. Be honest and don’t try to impress the ladies too much. Lies are an absolute no go, they will only cause you problems later on.

Then make yourself aware of the fact that your profile is important, but not as important as the content of your first message to a young lady. Because what happens is, a woman reads your message and only if she likes it she moves on and has a look at your profile and your photo. That means you have to convince her with your first message otherwise your out.

Most men show a shocking lack of creativity when it comes to their first messages. If you are one of them then change your method now and here and you will notice an instant change. Know that beautiful young women probably get many messages, so when they open their post box, first thing they see is the subject line. No photo, no name, only the subject line of the message you sent. Stand out from all the Hellos, His, How You Doings, and whatnot. Write something more catchy and something that does not look like you sent this message to 100 other young ladies as well. Choose a line that makes her want to read on like “What would you say, if …” and then think of a polite and nice text to write in the message.

The most important thing is to catch the attention of the girl you like. There are a lot of other men hunting for pretty ladies online but don’t take it all too seriously. The online jungle is basically no different to going to a club or bar at night. Offline as well as online, beautiful women all agree that 90% of the men they meet are not worth a second look, not because of their appearance but because of their behavior and pick up lines.

Be among that other 10% and you will no longer wait for a date with a pretty young lady.

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