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When Dating a Womanizer: 7 Things You Need to Know

The handsome stranger came into your life with a simple question or comment. He shared a bit about himself. He impressed you with his compliments and gentleman like behavior. You thought, “I have never met such a guy…is he too good to be true?” That he is. The womanizer is everything to every woman. Whatever she likes, says or does, it’s alright with him until he gets from her what he wants, then on to the next gullible soul.

1. He will not be true to you even if he promises he will be.
The womanizer is a master at convincing his women that they are “…the best, most beautiful…special…and I have never met anyone quite like you…” The gullible woman believes the flattery until she sees or hears about the long list of seemingly nice, pretty, and interesting former girlfriends that her date just couldn’t keep. She should be asking, “Why?” while making plans to exit the relationship.

2. He enjoys pursuing new interests, but despises routines overtime.
From joining a gym to traveling to new cities, the womanizer has to keep himself entertained, because he hate his mundane life of going to work and coming home. One of the things that make him feel good, during his spare time, is talking to women. In the beginning of the relationship, the womanizer is fascinated with his new “catch.” But he knows that in time, he will lose interest in her particularly when disagreements should arise. Therefore, he will make the most of his time while he can still make her smile while thinking of yet another woman to date.

3. He doesn’t stay happy for long in or out of a relationship.
Since womanizers bore easily, he can’t stay and remain happy with too much of anything. “A job is a job…life is okay…I would really like to do more of…I wish my girlfriend would…” the displeased womanizer says. With or without a woman, a womanizer is more concerned about pursuing the next, best, or greatest person, place or thing.

4. He rushes to talk about commitment during the dating phase—that is until someone more interesting comes along.
He regrets his decision to settle down or commit with an existing girlfriend when he knows he has a chance of landing yet another gorgeous woman. Therefore, he thinks of a variety of ways to kill the old romance and start up a new one. For instance, he may purposely cut out an article about divorce and make it accessible to his wife, so that she can start divorce proceedings. He might set up a situation where his girlfriend finds out he is cheating. This manipulative man does these things so that he can rid himself of what he might consider a “boring relationship…bad partner who doesn’t appreciate me.”

5. He has more women friends than male friends.
The popular, handsome men/boys always have more women in their inner circle than men. Unfortunately, many of them have offered their bodies and time to the play boys in the hopes that they can settle them down. The womanizer cannot be bought, showered with love, or given many children in an effort to try to “tame” him. Many males don’t befriend the womanizer; because they worry he will try to take their women. Some have had a history of fighting about women due to a womanizer’s conniving ways.

6. He doesn’t trust men around his woman/women, because he knows how he tends to act around women.
The nerve of the womanizer to be jealous of his date talking to other men, you might think. Yet, this player feels insecure because he knows what he has been up to when his woman or women isn’t around him. He doesn’t care for his friends, relatives or any other men making his date or dates smile.

7. He often lies and hides things about himself that he knows will turn off his dates.
Womanizers never want you to know too much about them, so they are careful to hide items if they are really into a certain someone. However, if not, they don’t care too much about you seeing a bra left behind, a lipstick case in the car, or some other item left behind by another woman. Rather than, look at what is occurring as a competition for a prize while resenting his other women, save yourself a future headache, leave him alone!

Take into consideration what has been said about the womanizer. Value the opinion of those who have been hurt by cheaters and liars and never believe everything you hear out of the mouth of a womanizer! Sure he may be likeable and everyone seems to have something positive to say about him, but underneath is friendly exterior is a very mean-spirited, selfish person who only cares about himself.

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