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What to Expect when Dating a Rich Responsible Man

Most young women who join a dating site seek rich men who are going to spoil them with a variety of gifts, fun things to do, and new discoveries. Men, who are child-like, may do these things, but come with their share of irresponsible and immature behaviors. However, the mature, responsible man is not only looking for a good time, but in many cases he is looking for a long-term partner. He may indicate his desire for a serious relationship in his profile making statements like, “Seeking relationship…hope to have something more…looking for partner to share…looking for that special someone…”

The rich responsible man may or may not be the generous type. He might have a large network, great income, and a past riddled with exes that are long forgotten. Due to his experiences dating young women, he may not be very trusting and may very well be dedicated to his job or business above everyone and everything else. You will know if you are in the presence of a mature, responsible man by noticing the following behaviors.

He will be careful what he says to you while on a date.
A man who is very concerned about making a lasting impression on his young date is not going to blurt out whatever he thinks or feels. He will take his time during the dating process and may even where a poker face when it comes to embarrassing moments, things he doesn’t agree with, or subjects he isn’t interested in talking much about.

He will cause you to question a pricey purchase.
Responsible men who are savvy about money will not permit themselves or anyone else to make foolish decisions in their presence about finances. Some will speak up and will encourage their dates to think before they impulsively spend especially when it comes to their money; therefore, he will talk you into delaying your purchase.

He will tell you to live below your means.
When it comes to talking about monies spent on everything from luxury items to necessities, a conscientious date is listening and watching for signs that might be a future problem in the relationship. He needs to know that the date he is with is equally responsible, if not more, when it comes to finances.

He will use cash or a debit card to pay for most things.
If he has shared that he makes much money, then you will expect to see him pull out a debit card or cash for many of his purchases. However, some men will use a credit card, but are very good about paying their balances off within 30 days so that their credit score will remain good. The financially responsible most often has a credit card or two with a low interest rate.

He might shop for items when on sale.
When you notice your date is paying close attention to the price of things and watching for items that are on sale, he may not have as much money as he claims, but then there are those men who are frugal. He may point out items that cost lesser than what you have noticed and may attempt to persuade you to select something that isn’t as expensive. Although this type of behavior is not considered romantic, it is another good indication that the man is not one for wasting his money and it may be a tip off that once again he doesn’t have as much money as he would like for you to believe.

He has money in savings and may have a financial advisor.
When it comes to spending, a rich responsible man never gives his last dollar to anyone. He is careful to keep his money in a variety of financial accounts. He may have a financial advisor. If so, his advisor will discourage him from splurging his money on unnecessary people, places and things.

If you feel that your responsible date is making you feel bad about your buying practices and other money related behaviors, save yourself a future of disputes when it comes to money. Make it clear what you like to do with your finances, share how he is making you feel, consider what your partner is saying, and notice any personality differences when money talk comes up. If things don’t work out for the better, don’t continue to date a person who you may not be financially compatible.

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