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Obsessed with Looking One’s Best? Women’s Body Image

Do you know someone who often stands before a mirror analyzing her every flaw? Are you dating someone who has communicated that beauty is high on his list of attributes when it comes to selecting women? Single women who date men with high beauty standards tend to obsess over their body images.

A date or boyfriend’s wandering eyes only adds fuel to the fire. If he is often staring at other women, his date might start to feel insecure while thinking of ways to improve her image. Some women, who have experienced such turmoil over what they look like and how to impress their boyfriends, learn later that no matter what they would have done to their bodies, their cheating partners would not have changed.

When a woman obsesses over her body image she does the following things:

1. She frequently seeks approval from others about her appearance.

2. She often badmouths those for what they look like.

3. She becomes easily irritated when someone comments about her flaws.

4. She spends much money on beauty items, clothing, shoes, hair, nails, and other things related to her appearance.

5. She is rarely satisfied with how she looks.

6. She is careful about what she eats and becomes visibly angry when she doesn’t follow her meal plan and may blame others for tempting her to eat something that is not good for her.

7. She may often look tired, appear to lose weight rapidly, or makes excuses about why she has skipped meals.

If you should notice something strange about a woman who is displaying signs that she is obsessed with her appearance. You may want to:

1. Ask questions about the incident(s) that has caused you some concern.

2. Offer healthy alternatives to any destructive behavior.

3. Provide your loved one with professional referrals who can assist her mentally, physically and spiritually.

4. Be supportive and share personal stories of how you or someone else dealt with a similar problem.

Beauty is fleeting, according to the Holy Bible. If a woman should think that she will forever be beautiful by societal standards, she is deceiving herself. It is best to allow those, who claim to love you, to view you in both good and bad times. By doing this, you will know whether the person is worth keeping in your life for a long time.

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