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How to Know When a Date is Putting on a Good Act

You spoke with a special someone often on the phone then went out on dates, yet you feel a bit confused about your experiences with him or her. Why is that? Could it be the individual has given you a false impression of who he or she really is? Have you noticed a smile that fades quickly, a strange habit, a nervous tick, uncomfortable staring or glaring, often stuttering, odd conversation or untimely laughter, or unusual quiet when attempting to converse? These might be clues there is more to this person than you might think.

1. Your date pretends to take an interest in only you.
From what you look like to how you do things, this person appears very curious about you. He or she makes you feel special with all his or her flattery—that is until you point out a flaw, raise a concern, or challenge a statement. Now the date that once couldn’t stop saying enough positive things about you starts thinking of ways to find faults with you.

2. He or she decorates self in attire that this person wouldn’t typically wear so as to keep you interested in him or her.
From sexy to professional, maybe his or her job permits this sort of typical dress, maybe not. Either way, the date wants to make his or herself attractive in your eyes. However, once you remove clothes, hair or makeup, what do you really see?

3. The individual lies about his or her whereabouts, who he or she spends time with and who he or she might be communicating with via phone and email.
Your date doesn’t want you to suspect there might be others he or she is interested in, so this person will be very guarded about what he or she says to you. You will not get too much detail about phone calls or emails when you ask. This person will not volunteer truthful information and will most likely either make up a story, remain silent, or give you part of a story—usually the part that doesn’t leave you questioning anything about his or her communication with the opposite sex.

4. This person believes he or she is a good man/woman despite having a track record of being disrespectful toward women/men personally.
There are many good reasons as to why someone is no longer in a relationship. A date who wants you to believe he or she is diamond will most likely leave out all information that makes him or her appear like he or she has problems getting along with the opposite sex. From heated arguments to shoving matches, the date will downplay his or her behavior or place blame on the other party.

5. He or she is charming, polite and engaging until this person has had his fill of you.
As long as you have caught on to anything suspicious, he or she will continue to engage you in conversation, help you in times of need, and be available to you sexually. However, the day you discover weaknesses, problems, and other things that might turn you off, either he or she will turn up the charm or distract you with so many other things that you ignore the elephant in the room.

6. The dater acts as if you both are compatible when the reality is he or she isn’t a good fit for you.
When you have reached a point in the relationship when you no longer find the person attractive, interesting or someone you even like hanging out with, one who really wants to be with you, will look for ways to make him or her compatible. He or she might look for small things that you both like and say something like, “See we have some things in common…” This person will attempt to persuade you that major differences are okay when in reality they are not.

When you find that a date seems to be pushy about dating you, often comes to see you uninvited, attempts to make you believe you both “…are meant to be…a match made in heaven…” lose the comfy feelings and view your reality for what it is.

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