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How to Impress the Mature Rich Man

You are planning to go out on a date with a mature, wealthy debonair type of man. You look in your closet only to find many items in your wardrobe don’t show off the classy you. It’s time to do a wardrobe make-over, but not the kind that makes you look like someone totally different than the woman in the photographs he saw. There is the public woman who shows off her intelligence, beauty, and sparkling personality, but then there is the woman who her mate prefers to know on an intimate basis that is off limits to other gentleman suitors. You will need to know if your gentleman is the nonchalant “bring the freak on” type or the more reserved mature man who cares about, not only his reputation, but the 10 that holds his arm.

Wear quality clothing that covers just enough up, but not too much that your sex appeal is suffocated. You want to go for an elegant look that keeps him and others guessing.
Don’t show off name brands.

No man wants to be with a woman who gives off an unpleasant odor. Take care to clean yourself and focus on those areas that are known to smell bad. Make a doctor’s appointment and practice good hygiene. Clean under faux and real finger nails. Keep body hair trimmed low or remove. Wash unpleasant smells from hair. If you are a smoker, and your date is not, the smoke smell on your clothes and in your mouth might turn him off.
Use moderate perfume. Some scents are very strong and will not go over too well if your date suffers from allergies. So don’t use much and spray lightly around those areas that need more scent than others.

Since the face is the area of the body seen by all, be sure that it is appealing to view. Don’t use much makeup and stay away from bold, bright colors since most of the day or evening you will be spending it up close with your mate. Your features need not be exaggerated. Most men don’t care much about the markings on your face so don’t overdo it with makeup cover-ups. They can make your skin look far worse than it is.

What impression do you wish to communicate? From a clean car to polished shoes, your image should represent how you feel and give others a positive vibe about you.

Dress for weather
Sometimes women tend to undress and end up being very cold throughout the evening. Dress in layers. It isn’t sexy listening to someone sneeze and cough half the night because they aren’t dressed for the weather or complain how hot they are because they wore too much.

Don’t over do it with the jewelry.
Men are visual creatures, but they don’t want to be distracted by the bright thing decorating one’s neck or flashing on ring fingers. So decorate one’s self, but not so much that it takes away from one’s beautiful face.

Well-made handbag.
Your purse sends a message to all who come in contact with you what kind of taste you have. So if you communicate bargain basement, your handbag will reflect that. If you are the high maintenance type, then your purse should communicate your preference. However, don’t advertise a bag that has the designer’s name all over the place. It can clash with your wardrobe and send a loud message to witnesses, “tacky…gold-digger…fake.”

Conservative shoes.
As sexy as stilettos might be, if you plan on taking a walk in the park or have to unexpectedly go somewhere, you just might want to bring walking shoes along. You don’t want to have a sour lokk on your face, because the shoes you are wearing are uncomfortable. Your date will think that your negative facial expression has something to do with him. Some women might use this trick to get a date to buy them shoes, not a very good idea if you are just meeting this person for the first time or it is still very early in the dating process.

Act normal, but avoid using curse words and bad grammar. Some women fail to communicate personal feelings in a proper manner, because they have permitted their vocabulary to become very limited. When upset they resort to cursing, find other ways to talk without expletives and slang. Bad communication can make a man feel like his young woman is dull, uneducated, and rude.

Avoid conversations about money unless it is related to making a purchase, planning a trip or you are asked about a particular need.

Money talk
Some young women will assume that because a website advertises sugar daddies that the first thing they are supposed to talk about is money. Stay away from the subject matter unless he brings it up. Don’t plan on having sex when you are just getting to know a date, otherwise he will assume you are prostituting yourself.
Take some time to learn more about how to conduct yourself in the presence of a wealthy man.

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