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Health Issues a Date Might Face and Things One Could Do to Help

Often dates enter relationships never bothering to think about what their attractive mate’s health history might be. Older men so enamored with a young woman’s beauty never suspect that she might have a mental or physical disorder. Young women, so impressed with fast cars, money and power don’t think twice about a rich man having some sort of internal aliment. Most people don’t think about the health challenges that affect some age groups more than others. They also don’t bother to ponder some of the fastest growing diseases that affect young people nowadays.

You can save yourself some future headaches if you take the time to get to know, not only a date’s personal interests, but medical history and family illnesses as well, before having sex with them. Make a health appointment together. Listen to a partner’s revealing details about one’s family history. Watch one’s skin, eyes, hair, mouth, and other areas of their bodies for signs of illness, if you feel uncomfortable doing these things then consider putting off sex.

It happens in and out of relationships from being bogged down with job responsibilities to family drama, stress is one of many issues that negatively affect relationships. One can feel so overwhelmed that it impacts one’s physical appearance. The young woman or older man might be eating more, there may be frequent acne outbreaks, and odd smells coming from one’s body. The couple might experience hair falling out, skin irritations, and other things that are all red flags that the pair should be focusing on getting health back in balance, not on having sex. Avoid causing duress on a date who is undergoing stress to be intimate.

Anxiety, insomnia, and frequent tiredness
These issues frequently come up in women who are so busy during the day emotionally and physically that their minds just don’t know when to settle down. She may be very talkative, nervous, jittery, or moodiness. This person might talk about being so tired or staying up all night unable to get some sleep. Couples will try to spend more time together, but this isn’t a good idea when one has explained how she feels. Rather, she should be encouraged to get some rest and that when things slow down a bit she could give a partner a call.

Unhealthy eating and substance abuse
Junk food and alcohol binges, sporadic meals, eating large portion sizes at night, and recreational drug use that seem to increase with a date are all bad signs that one is putting his or her health at risk. A date can bring these issues to light while creating distance from any emotional outbursts or potentially violent situations from an unreasonable individual.

Unwanted Pregnancies
A young woman, who doesn’t remember to take the pill or purposely gets pregnant, without discussing this with her mate, has too much on her mind. Be cautious if you notice a date is often slipping when it comes to taking her pills, abstain from sex or protect yourself. If she should become pregnant, she might find herself filled with much regret and may want to abort her baby because she feels that a pregnancy is an inconvenience. A date will have to tread softly when it comes to this subject matter especially if he doesn’t feel ready for a baby. Listen to her, but also share pros and cons about her actions or inactions.

Sexually transmitted diseases
It is inevitable, but the more people anyone dates, the more risks he or she is taking when it comes to obtaining an STD. According to past Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports, herpes cases have increased in recent years. There is no known cure for genital herpes. One must be aware of visible changes on a date’s body and refrain from having sex. Some things to watch out for would be: recent cuts, sores, and scratches. Check the mouth and genital regions. Odd bumps, blisters, and markings that often bleed or ooze. Some issues are not visible, so listen for complaints of frequent headaches, cold chills, body aches, and tiredness, on again off again genital itching, or tingling sensations, these are all signs that one is ill. Some women have recurrent yeast infections discuss what might be the cause.

If you have noticed some unusual behavior in your date, do take the time to converse with your date about seeing a doctor. Meanwhile, avoid having sex.

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