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5 Things a Date Will Lie About

Have you ever wanted to know what is on a date’s mind while seated in front of you? The more questions you asked him or her about personal experiences, the more likely you felt frustrated when your date wasn’t giving you a straight answer.

There are those things a date doesn’t mind talking about, while there are other things that a date will absolutely do anything and everything to avoid talking about. So what might some of those things be?

1. Past issues with ex-partners.
From yelling to throwing things during an argument, an angry man or woman, with a long history of problems relating to others, will not admit to a violent temper or irrational behavior. Usually temperamental people and those with personality disorders will downplay events. It is rare that an individual will get into detail as to what he or she said or did to provoke an argument or fight.

2. Relationship with family.
A date who has a troubled relationship with parents coupled with past childhood abuses, will seek information from a partner who might have experienced similar issues. If he or she discovers one’s past wasn’t as difficult as his or her’s, the person may not be so forthcoming with information or may even act as if his or her relationship with parents was fine even when this is not true.

3. Health.
When it comes to health concerns, these are rarely shared with someone who hasn’t been in one’s life for long. Some people will never share their bodily issues with relatives or friends, and even if they suspect something they typically won’t say anything, so interviewing one’s circle about such matters is fruitless. Therefore, if a date has a mental disorder, sexual dysfunction and/or disease, or challenges with communication or hearing, one will not know until these areas have been tested over time. Many daters with these issues will simply lie or cover up the truth.

4. Habits.
People who have strange routines usually don’t know they are until someone points them out. If a date has been made aware of his or her bad habits by past dates, he or she will most likely hide those things that might potentially turn a new date off.

5. Income.
One of the most personal topics for many is how much money and assets one has. Those who have very little tend to brag about what they do have. Those that have much will pretend as if they have very little. In order to find out the truth about a date’s finances, one must be very perceptive when it comes to what he or she is hearing and not hearing as well as observant when it comes to how much a date spends and saves.

When you are aware of the types of lies that might occur while dating someone new, you are less likely to overreact and are better able to reach a decision on whether someone is worth your time.

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