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5 Signs You’re not Ready to Cohabitate

One day the conversation comes up between a couple who appears to be madly in love with one another, “So what do you think about living together?” the woman asks. “I think it would be great…we can save money…get to know one another more,” responds the nervous boyfriend who ignores his stomach churning, his head aching, and unsettling visions of family life flashing before his eyes. So how does one know when he or she is not ready to live together?

One. You feel irritated when your date leaves his or her things at your residence.
How annoyed the neat person must feel when his or her sloppy partner leaves items on the counter and stuff on the floor? Whether you love to clean or hate it, if you know that you can’t stomach the thought of someone else’s things, besides your own, are in your apartment or home, don’t move in together!

Two. You resent little habits he or she does such as touching or moving your things.
Now the date may not have one stitch of underwear in your residence, but what you hate is him or her feeling so comfortable with your things that he or she uses or moves them without your permission. Do you think those feelings of discomfort will leave once you cohabitate?

Three. You often wish for him or her to cut visits short.
It was Sunday your date came over, then Monday after work, then again on Tuesday, and he or she brought dinner on Wednesday, the more you see your date, the more weary you become from seeing this person. This is a clear indication; you are definitely not ready to see this person at your residence everyday.

Four. Every time the thought of living together comes to your mind, you cringe.
No one said anything to you about living together today, but suddenly the idea just popped into your mind. After thinking about it, you began to experience things like: heartburn, followed by a headache, and now you are ready to lie down and take a nap. Definitely, not ready, my friend.

Five. You don’t desire to be in a long term committed relationship with him or her.
There are at least a few other people you like, besides this person, and you haven’t gotten around to dating them. Then you have plans to go places with your friends and the last thing you need is someone asking, “Are you coming home tonight?” With so much fun plans ahead, why would you even think about living together and answering to someone pretending to be your wife or husband? So not fun.

Enjoy your freedom!

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